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  LED Display Capacity : 1024 x 1024 Pixels
  Video Source : Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  Video Input Port : DVI
  Video Data out to Sub Control Unit.
  : Total 4 optical output and each output support 512 x 512 Sub-Window
  : Can define Sub-Window position and size through mapping S/W
  Optical Output Port : LC - LC type (support multi or sigle)
  Video Data out speed : 1.2Ghz
  Remote control and set up using RS232 interface with computer
  Power Supply : 9V ~ 24V DC (Max. 12W)
  Application : Sign Board, Large Scale Media Facade
  Dimension : 153mm(width) x 143mm(length) x 30mm(height)
  Optical interface between Main Control Unit and Sub Control Unit.
  LED Display Capacity : Max. 4096 Pixels
  : Has four RJ45 port and each port support 1024 LED pixels.
  Has one Optical input and one Opical output.
  : Optical data receive from MCU or former SCU
  : Optical Output for next SCU
  Optical Input/Output Port : LC - LC type (support multi or sigle)
  Max 240 frame Video signal Display
  48bit Color Depth
  Can control or download LED mapping data, Mapping position or other setting value
  through main computer (remote control)
  Power Supply : 9V ~ 24V DC (Max. 10W)
  Dimension : 132mm(width) x 94mm(length) x 30mm(height)