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  General Description

The TU8FA0209AA is a networking color LED driver designed for a LED decorative lighting and a LED sign. Three channel constant current circuitry with a current value set by three external resistors and a current set register, an external clock (CLK) pin, 12bit APWM (Advanced Pulse Width Modulation) and a power on reset circuit, built-in data buffers for the next driver and a device controller are provided by the chip.

The color LED driver includes an internal RC oscillator. Therefore, only 3 lines (LED Power (LED_VDD), Ground (LED_VSS) and Serial Data (SDI/SDO)) in an async transmission mode and only 4 lines (LED Power (LED_VDD), Ground (LED_VSS) and Serial Data (SDI/SDO) and External Clock (CLK) in a sync transmission mode are needed to connect between a cluster and a network line. This feature can reduce the number of network line and incorporate the reliability of the LED module system.

The color LED drivers can be connected up to 512 LED modules in one serial network by a cascade method via transmission line, which transmit data as like an image or a text among clusters. So above features can reduce a network connection overhead and easy to make the connection of LED modules.

In addition, the color LED driver supports both an async transmission mode and a sync transmission mode. In the case of an async transmission mode using an internal RC oscillator, the performance of data rate is maximum 420Kbps. But it is maximum 20Mbps in the case of a sync mode using an external clock (CLK) pin.


Current fine tuning can be executed by external resistors

Three constant current output channels

12bit APWM (Advanced Pulse Width Modulation)

Support up to 27V LED Power

Support both async transmission mode (an internal oscillator) and sync transmission mode

(an external clock pin (CLK))

Don't need an external sync clock in the case of async transmission mode

Built-In Internal RC oscillator

Device controller

420Khz ELINTM (Enhanced Local Interconnect Network)

Maximum distance between two clusters is 50cm

Support total 512 LED modules devices for one serial network

Built-in data buffer for the next driver




LED Decorative Lighting

Outdoor/Indoor LED Video

LED Sign

Message Display